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Jan 11, 2020

Logo Designing

Is Facebook's logo "incredible" on the grounds that it is simple or people recognize it in a moment? Is Microsoft logo "magnificent" because it's distinctive, appropriate, simple or something else? Is it that logo become distinctive after the success of the business or logo itself plays an important part in the success of the company? Do good logo's means the one with outstanding design or is there something more to it?

To all the questions there is only one simple answer i.e. "IT'S THE LOGO FACTOR" Let's see what is the logo factor and how to make a decent yet outstanding logo?

Logo through its colors, images, fonts and text provide essential information about the company that help customers capture company's basic details and later helps in recognizing brand. Consider Google, Facebook, eBay etc.

There are some key rules that will surely help you master the art of designing - "A compelling logo"

Think Different, Go Creative

Yes, it will sound little hectic that before you start working on designing a Logo, you must ensure to research the target market. This is the first step to get started. Analyze all the logos related to the concept. This research will surely uncover some design traditions plus will provide basic idea of that particular market segment. But remember a significant number of the world's most outstanding logo emerged particularly on the grounds that they think differently.

Simple - Creative logo

A simple logo is the one which allows easy recognition and is versatile plus memorable. While designing logo go for some unique concept without being overdrawn. This is one golden rules to which all logo designer adhere. One great approach to test the Simplicity of your designing concept is to continue subtracting components until you achieve its most basic form. Keep questioning yourself - Is it recognizable? Understandable? Is it defining the most unique feature of the company? As a rule, the simpler a logo design is, the more paramount it will be.

Right Typeface

Each brand is unique and so has its own identity. This uniqueness of a brand is reflected in its logo. Mismatch font leads to blunder as logo captures the central place in branding activity. For instance a law company certainly can't utilize a decorative or stylish font,it ought to be classic, bold and easily readable. Likewise an art studio can't afford boring font, it must be stylish and free flowing. Sometimes an existing typeface just wouldn't do, in that case hand-drawn typography can be a good option.

The Gestalt Principle

Gestalt is a psychology term which signifies "unified whole" concept. It relates to visual perception theories developed by German psychologist in 1920's. This theory describe how human brain unifies the visual element it sees to a group or unified whole and attempt to answer questions relating to human psychology by using various principles like Similarity, Closure, Continuation and Proximity principle. Gestalt principle provides the basics of many design rules especially in the logo designing field. By following these principles you will be able to create a more distinguished design that will connect with the audience and make logo memorable too.

Color Psychology

Undoubtedly, choice of color can easily make or break a logo design and one simple reason for this is psychological connection of colors with human brain. They shape our emotions and thought process. Plus some studies say that colors have the ability to change our buying habits too. Even some colors have universal meaning too. It is also very important to understand the prevailing trends while making color choice - for example blue is mostly used in the financial sector and likewise green in branding for environment based concept. Some studies suggest that logo color have very high effect on customer's opinion. So while designing choose your color effectively.

Logos showcase uniqueness of the brand.Let's get ready to design a killer logo by following above tips.

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