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Web Designing trends beyond any doubt to rule in 2018!

Jan 11, 2020

Website Trends

The latest trends in website design indicate an experimental approach that could reside along the fringe of flawless design and turbulent compositions. I think you'd all agree with me that the importance of good looking, easily navigable and updated websites in the success of any business is no longer debatable.

Here are the hottest trends that we think are going to make it big next year:-

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP refers to a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. Natural Language Processing takes the conventional voice research to an entirely new level. It is supposed to eliminate the need to be fully dependent on keywords and phrases used by the website visitors. Instead, AI combined with NLP technology is believed to be used to understand human language so as to know what exactly a human is searching for.

Strong, Expressive Typography:

Typography as an outline component will become the dominant focal point. As of now we're seeing bright, energetic, and imaginative textual styles replacing pictures. For mobile devices, this goes extremely well. Unlike pictures, which add weight to a page, typography doesn't affect site execution. Taking out pictures and depending on typography makes cleaner lines with more negative space - so logos and calls-to-actions will take more space on-page. Pretentious catches and interactive pictures are losing trend. Indeed, even hero pictures are beginning to offer way to text based designs. Furthermore, those thin little headers and menus are blooming into a pattern of wide, intense headers that instantly announce the reason for a page. You may even discover Call - to - action as first thing in a typographic blast.

Logical Scroll Backed Animation:

Animation is an old web designing tool that support users engagement and conversion rate. However, in the coming year we will be using it differently. Animation are the key catchers that allow users to keep scrolling down making them familiar with the product and services. This web design component helps in making the site arranged, clean and accordingly work for improving the customer experience.

Micro - Interaction

Facebook has made famous the utilization of micro interaction. Rather than "liking" a post or remark, you would now be able to look over a few new responses. This enables the users to communicate or reply without reloading the page. Generally, when the webpage is static, a few clients will choose to bounce back from the page, and you'll lose potential customers or conversion rate. Micro-interaction help smooth speed bumps and provide fascinating experience to the users.


Generating leads is an important aspect of businesses nowadays. Web Designers look for different approaches to enhance the landing page layout in order to get an ever increasing list of visitors to fill in lead generation form. The most recent trend in web designing is that of extending these forms into completely fledged ones so they keep the guests stuck. Likewise, the forms are not expected to be on the landing page but rather should show on clicking a CTA.

Open Compositions:

Presently website design goes with symmetrical and closed composition. Expectations are that this pattern will get replaced with suspended elements left free on the screen. In short, open compositions are believed to dominate in the coming year.

Focus On Security:

In 2017, hacking turned into a much greater issue. Malware was sufficiently awful. However, the Ransom-ware episode is a thousand times more awful. They bolt up each document on your PC, photo of your family and it's altogether encoded. Plus you need to pay them to get the key. In 2018, security will be a noteworthy worry of clients. Questions like Who can visit the pages? Would they be able to believe your download ? Are there email and other individual data secure? Will your site infect their PC? Utilizing HTTPS to ensure private online exchanges like web based saving money and Web based shopping request is the standard today, yet given the quick development of ransomware and malware, soon clients will expect a safe affair and a trusted endorsement on any page they visit and communicate with. All these trends are sure to boost the customer engagement and conversion efforts.

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